Online User Tips



How to Order Products


1.      Click on the category that interests you in the menu on the left.

2.      Select the item you wish to order

3.      Indicate the desired quantity

4.      Click the “Add to Cart” button

5.      Continue selecting items of interest to you

6.      To review the contents of your shopping cart, click on the underlined phrase Shopping Cart

a.       Modifications to your order can be made within the Shopping Cart, including removing unwanted items from the cart.

b.      Continue shopping or proceed to Check out from this screen

7.      At check out, confirm the “ordered by information.  Make any necessary changes.

8.      Confirm the “Ship To” address.  Make any necessary changes.

9.      Confirm any required delivery information such as rush orders, preferred carrier/class of service, comments, etc.

10.  Review the final order screen before deciding to Submit the order, modify the order or cancel it.




Once you have placed an order, email notifications will be sent to predetermined destinations for:


How to Research Order History

1.      From the tabs across the top of the page, click on “Order”, then “Inquire”

2.      Enter the desired search criteria.  (Note: The wild card is indicated by: %

3.      Click on “Search”.

4.      If no search criteria is entered into any of the provided fields, a complete list of all orders placed will be generated by clicking on “Search”

5.      Double click on the desired order line for order details.